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Covid-19 & YOU
Getting Started

Please check out our introductory online meditation classes. If you are part of a larger group or organization and would like to have an introduction class at a more convenient day and time, then please get in touch with us on our Contact Us page.

#1 You can rise above panic and anxiety


This is real, not something philosophical.

We feel panic, fear, and uncertainty because most of us apply our logical thinking and brains to solve every question and problem. When we cannot, we think that we’ve lost and are no longer in control. This leads to anxiety and panic.

However, meditators and especially those who practice Sahaja Yoga meditation, know, understand and experience the higher state of awareness that is above thought, panic and anxiety.

Every meditation session takes us higher into this stage and this relaxes us. It makes us patient, resilient and helps witness adverse situations.

So, in real terms, you can rise above the turmoil for at least 30 minutes, twice a day. This will help you remain much calmer during your entire day.

#2 Meditation at this time can lower a lot of stress and anxiety


Stress and anxiety reliefs are proven benefits of meditation and not much needs to be said, except that this is a great time to get into meditation as a lifestyle and begin to tap into its benefits.

We are here for you and times like this are when it is needed most. You can learn and explore meditation to any level of depth you like – just try.


#3 Meditation builds immunity

Meditation won’t cure anything but it has been proven to help build greater immunity. And this is a longer-term and generic immunity, so don’t expect to develop immunity to Covid-19 immediately, this isn’t going to happen. But you need to start else you never get there.

#4 The world has seen pandemics and crises before – they do pass


This time around, it’s more than just faith in the power of the divine. We know that it exists. Every day, we have a connection to the power that runs the universe. This is also the power that can kill negativity and protect human beings. It desires benevolence and evolution, not the destruction of human beings.

This power will eventually win.

We need to surrender to the power that we have easy access to and allow it to work.

As the coronavirus devastates the world with severe health and economic impacts, the deaths, unemployment, and difficulties being faced are overwhelming.

Yet, if we take a step back and introspect, the world is learning some lessons even as we struggle to cope and get over the crisis. Heeding these warning signals may be good for us once the crisis is over. We’re likely to move to a new world where things are changed.


As experienced meditators, we offer a more positive viewpoint as well as our insights and recommended strategies on dealing with the crisis.

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